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Images by the Chicago-based record distributor and photographer Raeburn Flerlage that are featured in Chicago History Museum's exhibition Amplified: Chicago Blues. To license and download digital files for personal or professional use, please visit and type in the image ID (starting with ICHi-) in the search box.
ICHi-102320_aICHi-102320_a (tinted)ICHi-102279ICHi-102279 (tinted)ICHi-108272ICHi-108272 (tinted)ICHi-137776ICHi-137776 (tinted)ICHi-135375ICHi-135375 (tinted)ICHi-106262ICHi-106262 (tinted)ICHi-110397ICHi-110397 (tinted)ICHi-137128ICHi-137128 (tinted)ICHi-136554ICHi-136554 (tinted)ICHi-136650ICHi-136650 (tinted)