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In 2018, the Chicago History Museum acquired a Chicago Sun-Times photography collection of over 5 million images spanning the 1940s to early 2000s. The images found in this gallery are part of the Millions of Moments exhibition currently on display at the Chicago History Museum. Visit CHM Images to view thousands of photographs from this collection, all available for licensing and downloading for personal, academic, and business uses.
Opening day at Comiskey Park (ST-80004129-0009)Fireworks over the Chicago River (ST-60004988-0005)Museum Campus in the fall (ST-60004740-0003)Union Station platforms covered in steam from cold temperatures (ST-60004603-0049)Exhibitors prepare vehicles for display at the 69th Auto Show (ST-60001630-0016)Views of the 70th Annual Auto Show (ST-60001619-0001)Afternoon rush hour in the Loop (ST-60002572-0016)Art Institute lions (ST-30000316-0001)Fire department demonstration at Schiller School (ST-50004531-0003)Pedestrians walk by the Michael Todd and State-Lake theaters (ST-20003244-0001)The Jesse White Tumblers rehearse acrobatics routines near Frederich Von Schiller Public School (ST-20003126-0028)Civic Center Plaza while it snows outside (ST-20001443-0021)Members of the Young Marines program march along Lake Michigan (ST-20001368-0005)View of the Chicago skyline from the North Avenue Beach (ST-20001351-0005)Man holding Stop sign at railyard (ST-17500950-E1)Small boat craft near Meigs Airport (ST-17500969-E1)Oak Street Beach (ST-13002199-0006)Aerial view of railyards (ST-13002181-0027)People enjoy a sunny day near Lake Michigan (ST-13002165-0008)Sailing championship at Belmont Harbor (ST-12002669-0129)