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In 2018, the Chicago History Museum acquired a Chicago Sun-Times photography collection of over 5 million images spanning the 1940s to early 2000s. The images found in this gallery are part of the Millions of Moments exhibition currently on display at the Chicago History Museum. Visit CHM Images to view thousands of photographs from this collection, all available for licensing and downloading for personal, academic, and business uses.
Babe Ruth (ST-17500921)Rotunda of the Chicago Federal Building (ST-17500929)Fisherman on bicycle leaves the pier (ST-17500930)Children play in front of the Chicago Water Towe (ST-17500931)Airplanes at O'Hare Airport (ST-17500932)Children play under the spray of an open fire hydrant (ST-20001434-0020)Jim Thorpe, athlete and Olympic gold medalist (ST-17500096)Jackie Robinson signs autographs (ST-17500214)Young White Sox fans watch game at Comiskey Park (ST-17500298)Muhammad Ali trains at his Deer Lake, Pennsylvania training camp (ST-17500391)Gale Sayers at Wrigley Field (ST-17500299)Marva Louis leads drills at Comiskey Park (ST-17500586)Women working at Carnegie Illinois Steel during World War II (ST-17500589)Crowd celebrates news of Nazi surrender during World War II (ST-17500592)A work wagon at 13th Street and Newberry Avenu (ST-17500617)Street scene at State and Lake streets (ST-17500633)Congress Expressway construction (ST-17500642)Servicemen on their holiday furloughs in Union Station (ST-17500664)Marilyn Monroe (ST-17500670)Silhouette of elevated train tracks (ST-17500685)