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What do you see when you think of Chicago? Some of our most lively attractions, treasured museums, urban attributes and well known landmarks are gathered together to highlight a unique Chicago experience from past and present.
Chicago Historical Society in Lincoln Park (HB-00888-F2)DN-0079830Sears Tower (HB-37734-A)Palmolive Building and Chicago Water Tower (HB-00939-C)ICHi-02525ICHi-24739ICHi-25312Adler Planetarium (HB-01727-F)John Hancock Building (HBSN-00825-F5)Clarence F. Buckingham Memorial Fountain in Grant Park (HBSN-00859-C)John Hancock Building at night (HB-31216-O2A)DN-0007502DN-0074944ICHi-02440Chicago River and surrounding buildings at night (HBSN-00827-L2A)ICHi-25669DN-0083802ICHi-19106SDN-059748Sears Tower (HB-37734-U)