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North Michigan Avenue (HB-16862)Palmolive Building and Michigan Avenue at night (HB-23948-A)Palmolive Building (HB-08313-A)Bridge raised on the Chicago River (HBSN-00825-K9)Pritzker Pavilion (HB-60931-F)Cityscape at dusk (HB-61797-S)Millennium Park (HB-60907-T)Chicago skyline at sunset (HBSN-00825-I)Wabash Avenue (HBSN-00825-I2)Old Orchard shopping center (HBSN-00360-D)Michigan Avenue and site of Illinois Center development (HB-32039-A17)LaSalle Street railroad station (HB-27322-K)Chicago Stadium (HBSN-00866-A)Top of the Chicago Board of Trade building (HBSN-00857-A)Palmolive Building at night (HBSN-00939-A)Palmolive Building at night (HBSN-00939-I)Field Building (HB-01775-B)Maling Shoes store front (HB-02704-B)Greyhound bus terminal (HB-16086-C2)Marina City under construction (HB-23215-V2B)