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Vintage and historical images of the people, places, and events that define Chicago and American history -- available for purchase as photographic prints, note cards, and gifts.
Halsted and Jackson, SE CornerThree boys at Hull HouseThe Court of Honor looking west, World's Columbian ExpositionPortrait of Kate WarneHull House children dress up for dairy farm trip (ST-17500869)Spider Dan climbs Sears Tower (ST-17500789)Ernie Banks signs autographs on Chicago Cubs opening day (ST-17500270)An ice fisherman keeps warm on a small lake (ST-17500920)Flooded 47th Street (ST-17500919)Boat navigating icy waters to the Coast Guard's lighthouse (ST-17500918)Gabriela Correa displays traditional Mexican attire  (ST-17500915)Japanese-American girls celebrate Obon (ST-17500914)Construction worker takes a break on the steel beams of the John Hancock Building (ST-17500909)Elvis Presley (ST-17500908)Sophia Loren (ST-17500907)The Blues Brothers (ST-17500906)Mahalia Jackson (ST-17500905)Louis Armstrong at the Sutherland Hotel, (ST-17500904)Muddy Waters performing at Mister Kelly's nightclub (ST-17500903)Cubs fan reading newspaper after the Cubs clinched the NL East (ST-17500901)