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Vintage and historical images of the people, places, and events that define Chicago and American history -- available for purchase as photographic prints, note cards, and gifts.
Portrait of Kate WarneHull House children dress up for dairy farm trip (ST-17500869)Spider Dan climbs Sears Tower (ST-17500789)Ernie Banks signs autographs on Chicago Cubs opening day (ST-17500270)An ice fisherman keeps warm on a small lake (ST-17500920)Flooded 47th Street (ST-17500919)Boat navigating icy waters to the Coast Guard's lighthouse (ST-17500918)Gabriela Correa displays traditional Mexican attire  (ST-17500915)Japanese-American girls celebrate Obon (ST-17500914)Construction worker takes a break on the steel beams of the John Hancock Building (ST-17500909)Elvis Presley (ST-17500908)Sophia Loren (ST-17500907)The Blues Brothers (ST-17500906)Mahalia Jackson (ST-17500905)Louis Armstrong at the Sutherland Hotel, (ST-17500904)Muddy Waters performing at Mister Kelly's nightclub (ST-17500903)Cubs fan reading newspaper after the Cubs clinched the NL East (ST-17500901)Joe Louis read the newspaper (ST-17500895)Greenview Avenue following blizzard (ST-17500889)Meigs Field (ST-17500888)