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Vintage and historical images of the people, places, and events that define Chicago and American history -- available for purchase as photographic prints, note cards, and gifts.
Shoppers on State StreetOpening day at Comiskey Park (ST-80004129-0009)Fireworks over the Chicago River (ST-60004988-0005)Museum Campus in the fall (ST-60004740-0003)Union Station platforms covered in steam from cold temperatures (ST-60004603-0049)Exhibitors prepare vehicles for display at the 69th Auto Show (ST-60001630-0016)Views of the 70th Annual Auto Show (ST-60001619-0001)Afternoon rush hour in the Loop (ST-60002572-0016)Art Institute lions (ST-30000316-0001)Fire department demonstration at Schiller School (ST-50004531-0003)Pedestrians walk by the Michael Todd and State-Lake theaters (ST-20003244-0001)The Jesse White Tumblers rehearse acrobatics routines near Frederich Von Schiller Public School (ST-20003126-0028)Civic Center Plaza while it snows outside (ST-20001443-0021)Members of the Young Marines program march along Lake Michigan (ST-20001368-0005)View of the Chicago skyline from the North Avenue Beach (ST-20001351-0005)Man holding Stop sign at railyard (ST-17500950-E1)Small boat craft near Meigs Airport (ST-17500969-E1)Oak Street Beach (ST-13002199-0006)Aerial view of railyards (ST-13002181-0027)People enjoy a sunny day near Lake Michigan (ST-13002165-0008)